Computer Smile Arquitecture course

Friday, 9.30-17.00 hrs
Saturday, 9.30-14:00 hrs

Date TBD


Barcelona (Spain)

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A SMILE is beautiful when harmonic proportions are achieved, in terms of size, shape and/or position of the front teeth… but its also ESSENTIAL to understand why the situation, torque and leveling of the premolars and molars of both arches, does not only affect the stability of the case, but can be the main cause of muscular and/or joint imbalances, that affect the entire Stomatognathic System and its temporomandibular joints, as well as other parts of the organism.

During the Digital Smile Architecture weekend you will understand:

The importance of digital treatment planning, to achieve precise and predictable results.
The need for complete immersion in digital dentistry, for rapid and effective coordination, between the different specialists in charge of building harmonious smiles (orthodontist, periodontist, specialist in dental aesthetics, prosthodontist, implantologist and specialist in aesthetic medicine of the face and neck).
How does this “chain of imbalances” happen, whose primary cause is a malocclusion, thanks to virtual reality and the software, created by Dr. Iván Malagón for Samsung: “Dens Sano in Corpore Sano”.

During the weekend of Computed Smile Architecture you will learn from the particular vision of Dr. Iván Malagón:

Discover the content from the Course

1 The essence and perception of beauty.

2 Shape, size, color and position of the teeth to obtain harmony.

3 Dental and gingival parameters that affect the aesthetics of the smile.

4 Search for the balance between form, function and dental aesthetics.

5 Modification with aligners of the parameters on which the evaluation of dental aesthetics is based:

a. Interdental spaces

b. Incisal edge level

c. Level of interproximal contact points

d. Inclinations of the axes of incisors and canines

e. Colour

f. Black corridors

g. Smile line and lip line

h. Proportions of the crown in the cranial-caudal and mesio-distal direction

i. Facial midline

j. jUpper and lower dental midlines

k. Buccal contour of upper incisors and canines

l. Black triangles

m. Gingival leveling and consistency

n. Management of Bolton negative discrepancy

6 Management of the Spark Approver 3D software to not depend on technicians, save time and achieve predictable and stable results.

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