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Invisible orthodontics is a technique for everyone. Yet, in order to train professional orthodontists in this technique, it is advisable to have some basic knowledge of the subject.
If you decide to enroll MasterCOIP you will learn how to apply the invisible orthodontics technique from Iván and Diego through more than 60 theoretical and practical protocols. You will also be able to apply all that knowledge in our student clinic, learning how to optimize your time and increase your profits.
Even if MasterCOIP delves into the Invisalign & Spark technique, the course does not give you the possibility to access Spark. It is a parallel process.
You will find the differences between our on-site and on-line programs in the following links: On-Site Programme (https://mastercoip.com/on-site-programme/); On-line Programme (https://mastercoip.com/on-line-programme/)
You can do the course at your own pace. You set it, don’t worry. Also, you can re-watch every lesson as many times as you want, even the whole course if you want to.
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If you need a certificate at the end of the course you can request it by contacting us directly at contact@masteronlinecoip.com. The certificate we’ll provide you with is a certificate of completion and does not have the same status as a university diploma.
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The whole process can take between 12 to 24 working hours, subject to the availability of our agents.

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You can select the bank transfer option at the time of purchase. Don’t forget to send your receipt to contact@masteronlinecoip.com
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The price of the course is 5.950,00 €
If any of our agents provides you with a discount code, you only need to add it in the "Discount Coupon" box when you purchase the course. The discount will be applied automatically.


Due to the high demand, you can only send your doubts and comments to contact@masteronlinecoip.com. We hold private webinars for the students of our program where the doctors share their knowledge and explain and solve your questions.
Due to the high demand to review particular cases, we have created a mentoring system where you can share your cases directly with the doctors.
Due to the pandemic and other geographical constraints, this mentoring will be done online.
You can purchase your online mentoring session and send your proof of payment to contact@masteronlinecoip.com.
Lessons, mostly case studies, range from 20 minutes to one hour.
All lessons are audio-visual classes underpinned by solid theoretical grounds. The videos include a number of frequently asked questions that will allow you to understand and take in the content of the course.
The course is constantly being updated. You can check and download our syllabus here: https://mastercoip.com/on-line-programme/
Yes, you can access our free demo class and get to know the online training platform where the course will take place. All you have to do is sign up at this link: https://mastercoip.com/online-course#free-classes
Yes, one of the latest features we have incorporated allows you to synchronize your account on your own devices, namely your computer and your phone. You can do it following these simple instructions: https://mastercoip.com/synchronization
If you need a certificate at the end of the course you can request it by contacting us directly at contact@masteronlinecoip.com. The certificate we’ll provide you with is a certificate of completion and does not have the same status as a university diploma.
You will not.

The course will provide you with a broad number of real cases and extensive information by Doctors Diego and Iván. As they explain in their protocols, they will teach you how to choose the best resources and techniques for each case. This will provide a much broader vision than that of a single manufacturer or a brand.

We recommend this course both to those who have no official certification from any of the brands and also to those who are already familiar with them.
Being an orthodontist is not a requirement to access the course. We have students from a range of orthodontics-related professions, both active orthodontists and students. In case you are not an orthodontist, the course will give you a broad vision to decide whether you want to get started in the exciting world of invisible braces.

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