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MasterCoip Online Master Course in invisible orthodontics


MasterCoip online in English is the latest format of our Master Course which we launched in 2020 to complement the in-person Course.

You will learn all the systems of invisible orthodontics to perfection and you will also learn to work with all types of aligners. Its a 60 lessons Master Course which lasts 6 months and you can access from any location in the world whenever it suits you. You will also be able rewatch lectures whenever you want.

If you have been a MasterCoip student in 2020 and 2021, you can get a 50% discount in this course. Get in touch with us to get your code.

What content will you see in MasterCoip Online?

COIP’s Key Concepts and Strategies.What Makes us Achieve the Best Results?

Biomechanics applied to dental movement with aligners: transverse, vertical and sagittal planes.

The KEY is in the transverse plane.

Anchorage in orthodontics and sequence of movements. How to achieve predictability in your treatment plan.

The 3 basic principles in orthodontic treatments with aligners to be successful.

The importance of the lower incisor: the final position that guarantees success.

Concepts associated with orthodontics with transparent aligners:

1 TRUforces and Smartforces.

2 Active and passive attachments: description, selection, design, application.

3 Power Ridges.

4 Precision cuts for inter- or intra-maxillary elastics.

5 Bite ramps: application, selection of different types and design.

6 Pontics and semipontics. When to apply them.

7 Stripping: interproximal reduction techniques, tools and functions.

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