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It’s the MasterCoip invisible orthodontics Master Course, which has already trained 1.500 doctors from around the world.

In the November 2021 edition, our doctors will show you the latest techniques in invisible orthodontics.

It’s an intensive 3 day program in which doctors Iván Malagón and Diego Peydro share all the secrets in invisible orthodontics, the management of their own dental clinics, offer marketing and communication tips and share their protocols with you as if it were a recipe to follow, step by step, to see how they solve any kind of malocclusion successfully.

If you are a returning Master Course student, get in touch with us to get a 50% discount on the training.
Doctors Malagón and Peydro offer the course in English. If there are at least 10 doctors who specify a language need, we offer simultaneous Spanish and possibly French language interpretation

What will we do during these 3 days of training?

Basic Key Concepts and Strategies of COIP Master Course’s Work Philosophy.Transversal Development of the Arches. Implications.

 Biomechanics applied to dental movement with aligners: transverse, vertical and sagittal planes.

The KEY lies in the transverse plane. How to achieve predictability in your treatment plan.

Anchorage and SEQUENCE of movements.

The 3 basic principles in orthodontic treatments with aligners to be successful.

The importance of the lower incisor: the final position that guarantees success.

Other concepts associated with orthodontic treatments with transparent aligners:

1 TRUforces and Smartforces.

2 Active and passive attachments: description, selection, design, application and cementation.

3 Power Ridges.

4 Precision cuts for inter- or intra-maxillary elastics.

5 Bite ramps: application, selection of different types, design.

6 Pontics and semipontics. When to apply each one of them.

7 Stripping: interproximal reduction techniques, tools, and functions.

8 Strategies for correct transverse arch development.

9 The importance of passive attachments in the development of the arch.

10 How to master root torques.

11 Using the right attachments.

12 Avoiding frequent posterior open bites.

13 Mastering incisor torques.

14 Strategies to correct severe teeth overcrowding without extractions.

15 Protocols to correct severe mesiodistal angulations of crowns and roots.

16 How to avoid extractions due to osteodental discrepancy in 100% of cases.

17 Bone remodelling: How to achieve the impossible.

18 Effective re-centring of dental midlines.

19 Reciprocal movements. Mastering the “action-reaction” physical principle.

20 Managing anchorages. Guided bone regeneration. Keys to achieve the results you want.

21 Strategies to avoid disinsertion of aligners, especially in lateral incisors.

22 How to avoid anchorage loss and the consequent maladjustment of aligners.

23 Protocols and tips for correcting extrusions and severe rotations.

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