Máster de Ortodoncia Invisible - Mastercoip

It’s the course directed to students that have previously taken one of the MasterCoip courses.

In this exclusive training, that doctors Diego Peydro and Iván Malagón teach in Madrid, you will go one step further from the techniques that you have learnt in other courses that we offer.

You will only be able to access said course if you have worked for many years with invisible aligners and can provide accreditation, or if you have taken one of the other courses with our doctors, Iván Malagón and Diego Peydro.

In this course you will not get a 50% discount for being a former student

Doctors Malagón and Peydro offer the training in Spanish or English.

This training has the following advantages:

You will improve the biomechanic technique, with the master courses from the doctors
You will meet other doctors with similar qualities
The course will exceed all your expectations
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