Máster de Ortodoncia Invisible - Mastercoip

Mentoring consists of having a 1 hour, private and exclusive session with one of our doctors, Iván Malagón or Diego Peydro.

This is a VIRTUAL session and it has a duration of 1 hour. In this session you can bring all your clinical cases and any doubts you have so that our doctors can asses and help you.

To receive mentoring, you must buy a session and our coordinator will get in touch with you to arrange a date that fits in both your and either of the doctors diary.

We are sure you will fully take advantage of the session!

Doctors Malagón and Peydro offer the session in Spanish or English.

This mentoring session has the following features:

The duration of the session is 1 hour
Choose the platform: Skype or Zoom
Once the purchase has been made, we will get in touch with you to book an appointment
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