Micro-screw course

Theory and practice in the use of micro-screws

by Diego Peydro at his clinic in Valencia, Spain

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Thursday, May 23. Valencia, Spain


With this course you will…

Grupo 803@2x

Have theory and practice with Micro Screws

Grupo 803@2x

Diagnose, check and achieve the best final results to show you the thought process to achieve the best result

Grupo 803@2x

Be in surgery with Dr Peydro

Grupo 803@2x

Do a ‘hands on’ so that you can practise on dental models to place the micro-screws

Who will your teacher be?

Doctor Diego Peydro, Pioneer of clear aligners technique and a pioneer in the use of micro-screws. Learn with him in this 8-person course


Diego Peydro


What is the timetable for the course?

From 10:00 to 17:00 at the Peydro Clinic in Valencia, Spain.

Will you send me a certificate of attendance?

If you wish, yes, of course.

In what language will the course be held?

English and Spanish.


for the Advanced course in Madrid: December 13-15

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