COIP Online Master Course

You will be up to date with the latest trends and specialised techniques in invisible orthodontics.

You will improve that quality and value of your treatments. Your treatments will be faster and more effective.

You will be able to expand your range of services while you increase your clients and your turnover.

Throughout our professional career we have witnessed many courses that didn't meet the participants expectations and, at the same time, had very high prices. Besides, these courses required a lot of time and were often incompatible with the participants work timetables.

¿Does this ring any bells? These are the barriers that prevent you from becoming a specialist in invisible orthodontics and improve your prestige as a dental practitioner.

After finishing a training course, have you ever felt that it hadn't your expectations?

Become a great professional in invisible orthodontics with internationally recognised professionals. You only need a little bit of time every day. No commuting or fixed timetables.

Pioneers worldwide

Anytime. Anywhere. Everything you need is in our online platform.

Mixed theoretical-practical approach, providing a global vision.

Join a professional comunity of practitioners in the orthodontics sector.




The objetives of

COIP Online Master Course

To diagnose, plan and treat 99% of the malocclusions presented by your patients.

To be able to offer invisible orthodontics in your treatment plans with total guarantee.

To increase the profitability of your clinic or dental practise significantly.

To boost your reputation and positioning as a doctor specialising in invisible orthodontics.

COIP Master Course's community is unstoppable. We arrange face-to-face events and professional online dynamics for professionals like you, who share your goals and objectives.

We create a community

Share your experience

Relevant information

Instructive debates

Exclusive meetups

You can test and enjoy two free classes:

Registration Open:

Who we are?

The Master course is taught by two experts with worldwide recognition in the field. In this course you will learn more than what you would in 10 years. The course focuses on clear objectives to learn how to diagnose, plan and treat 99% of the malocclusins that your patients may present.

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