Máster de Ortodoncia Invisible - Mastercoip


Online Master Course in invisible orthodontics

If you want to work with Spark aligners, this is your course! You can get your Master on line Coip with the certification to work with Spark aligners.

First of all, you will study the Master on line Coip and, later, you will have your access to the Spark Access Coip.

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1.1 Mastering the expansion. Protocols to expand like a PRO

1.2 Attachments selection to control the expansion

1.3 Early control of torques: Biomechanics I

1.4 How to expand properly, solve severe rotations and intrude lower incisors. Protocols

1.5 Reciprocal Sagittal movements 1: Action-Reaction

1.6 Reciprocal Sagittal movements 2: Reciprocal movements

1.7 How to develop the upper arch, solve severe rotations, solve midline tipped and much more

1.8 Width and shapes of arches: Shape of arches

1.9 3D Control 2nd molars: The importance of second molars

1.10 Treatment plan of a severe case. How to use spark approver to plan it.. Tips and tools to get the best results


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