Máster de Ortodoncia Invisible - Mastercoip

Doctors Diego Peydro and Iván Malagón are pioneers in the techniques of invisible orthodontics. They have been developing their own protocols for 20 years, after all this time they are capable of knowing and showing their own protocols to others, which if you follow, success is guaranteed.

They are two doctors recognised globally, and for that same reason, recognised by all the scientific societies. Both are 100% aligner orthodontists.

Both doctors have been “Invisalign Diamond II”, the highest category that Invisalign give, until they changed to the Spark aligners system. Now they are “Spark Sapphire Elite II”, which is the highest category in Spark. They have been chosen, so that from their protocols, they could develop the Spark aligners. Today they are the official Spark spokes people.

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