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1.1 Mastering the expansion. Protocols to expand like a PRO

1.2 Attachments selection to control the expansion

1.3 Early control of torques: Biomechanics I

1.4 How to expand properly, solve severe rotations and intrude lower incisors. Protocols

1.5 Reciprocal Sagittal movements 1: Action-Reaction

1.6 Reciprocal Sagittal movements 2: Reciprocal movements

1.7 How to develop the upper arch, solve severe rotations, solve midline tipped and much more

1.8 Width and shapes of arches: Shape of arches

1.9 3D Control 2nd molars: The importance of second molars

1.10 Treatment plan of a severe case. How to use spark approver to plan it.. Tips and tools to get the best results


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