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Official Spark course with multiple benefits

Doctors Iván Malagón and Diego Peydro, invisible orthodontics pioneers, speakers and trainers all around the world, share with you all they know without keeping any secrets.

To enroll in Spark MasterCoip Educational Programme is to take part in a one of a kind experience, that exceeds any expectations. It also has many benefits and discounts for the doctors.

What benefits does Spark MasterCoip have?

*Benefits available for doctors that work in Europe

Official Spark credentials

3 Spark cases for free

Discount in all Spark cases during 1 year, independently of the category you have

Intesive in-person 3 days course in different European countries with doctors Iván Malagón and Diego Peydro

6 month access to Spark MasterCoip online

Two 90 minute webinars, to resolve queries with our doctors

Years of experience

More than 10 years offering MasterCoip, more than 1.500 doctors from all around the world have learnt with us.

Your business will grow

You will learn how to see to more patients and how you should manage your team. That translates in an increase of your business income.

Improves your quality of life

You will see how invisible orthodontics can solve any malocclusion successfully. Not only does your patients quality of life improve, yours does too.

Diego Peydro

Active member of SEDO, SEDA, AAO y WFO

Included along with 40 outstanding doctors in “La Excelencia de la Medicina en España”.

Director of “Experto Universitario en ortodoncia utilizando alineadores transparentes”, University Alfonso X, Spain.

Professor of “Postgrado de Ortodoncia”, University of Alcalá, Spain.

Director of Iván Malagón Clinic in Madrid, Spain.

Iván Malagón

Active member of SEDO (Sociedad Española de Ortodoncia), SEDA (Sociedad Española de Alineadores), AAO (Asociación Americana de Ortodoncia) y WFO (Federación Mundial de Ortodoncistas).

Director of “Experto Universitario en ortodoncia utilizando alineadores transparentes”, University Alfonso X (Spain).

Professor of “Postgraduate in Orthodontics”, University of Alcalá (Spain).

Co-director of “Master Clínico en Ortodoncia Digital con tecnologías de alineadores”.

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