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This course consists of 10 videos in which Dr. Diego Peydro and Dr. Iván Malagón explain different points to make your treatments a success (below you can see the course content).


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This is the Course content

1.1 Transversal malocclusions. Protocols to develop, expand, solve severe rotations and tipping.

1.2 Clinical preferences to succeed, by Dr Diego Peydro

1.3 KEY 1 – Early control or torque

1.4 KEY 2 – Bolton analysis management

1.5 KEY 3 – 3D Control

1.6 KEY 4 – Round tripping + Hinge rotations

1.7 Spark Clinical Preferences

1.8 Spark Prescription Form

1.9 New approach to solve any open bite malocclusion

1.10 MasterCoip – How to communicate most effectively with the technicians to achieve excellent outcomes

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