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The most up-to-date online programme

and the one with which you will learn the most about invisible orthodontics in the world. It is a very complete course with which you will learn to solve any type of malocclusion with Spark aligners.

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With this course you will…

Master Coip

Learn how to solve any type of malocclusion with Spark aligners

Master Coip

Improve your technique with invisible orthodontics

Master Coip

Increase the number of clinical cases you treat with invisible orthodontics

Master Coip

Learn about the latest Spark updates

Learn with Diego Peydro e Iván Malagón

They are both the creators of Mastercoip. Pioneers of the invisible orthodontic technique, they are actively involved in the development and updating of Spark aligners.

Master Coip

Diego Peydro

Master Coip

Iván Malagón

Find out the contents of this master course


1.1  Mastering expansion. Protocols to expand like a PRO 

1.2  Selection of attachments to control expansion

1.3  Early control of torques: Biomechanics I

1.4  How to expand properly, solve severe rotations and intrude lower incisors. Protocols

1.5  Reciprocal Sagittal movements 1: Action-Reaction

1.6  Reciprocal Sagittal movements 2: Reciprocal movements

1.7  How to develop the upper arch, solve severe rotations, solve midline tipped and much more

1.8 Width and shapes of arches: Shape of arches

1.9 3D Control 2nd molars: The importance of second molars

1.10  Treatment plan of a severe case. How to use spark approver to plan it… Tips and tools to get the best results


2.1   Modern orthodontics with spark aligners. Protocols to successfully solve any open bite 

2.2   Attachments selection in open bite cases. Why the posterior attachments are the most important attachments

2.3   Deepbite

2.4   Deepbite II

2.5    Solving deep bites like a pro. Protocols to solve any deep bite

2.6    Deep bite and gummy smile. Protocols to succeed

2.7    Class II P1: 1º Use of TADs in sagittal malocclusions. 2º Cutouts

2.8   Class II P2: Biomechanics II

2.9   Open bites. Why the transversal dimension is so important to get predictable and stable results

2.10   Severe Crowding, Class II and Open Bite. Protocol, sequence of movements and attachments

2.11   Class II P3

2.12   Class II P4: Pontics and semipontics


3.1 Introduction to Open Bites. Protocols to solve any open bite malocclusion

3.2  Open Bite. Protocol of attachments and sequence of movements. Using the software to get outstanding results
3.3  Aligners and screws. Step by step protocol to succeed
3.4  TADs: TADs and different ways to use mini-screws
3.5  Class II. Upper molar distalization protocol
3.6  Openbite & class II
3.7  Class III, open bite. Protocols to avoid dental extractions and surgery
3.8  Asymmetric crossbite
3.9  Class III P1: Remodeling bone
3.10 Class III P2
3.11 Spark aligners and screws. How to combine them for molar intrusion
3.12 Severe open bite and class II. Protocol aligners and screws to get outstanding results


Will my key access expire?

Yes, once 6 months have passed since the moment we gave you access to the platform.

Is the online programme recorded or live?

It is recorded by the doctors. However, you will have a group mentoring session with your mates in order to solve the doubts you may have.

It is recorded by the doctors. However, you will have a group mentoring session with your mates in order to solve the doubts you may have.

Sometimes bank transfers take a few days to arrive. As soon as we receive the money on our account, we will give you access to MasterCoip online.

Is a refund possible?

No. Company policy does not accept the return of the master. In any case, you will be provided with a ticket so that you can use it for any other product.

How long are Spark MasterCoip lessons?

About 45 minutes.

Is Mastercoip a formal training?

It is an independent training. However, it accredits you from all possible points of view so that you can successfully treat all the cases of malocclusion that you are presented with thanks to the techniques of invisible orthodontics. Please note that both Dr Iván Malagón and Diego Peydro are accredited by all the scientific societies. You will receive a certificate at the end of the course.

Will I be able to work with Spark from the first day?

Yes, we put you in touch with Ormco, the multinational company that developed the Spark aligners.


For the Coip Experts-Level 3 in Madrid: December 13-15

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